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Author Bio

I rarely wrote as a child growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. I gambled through the woods and created adventures in my mind that I acted out. I played house endlessly with my dolls. Until I was a teen, I rarely even read. I simply could not finish a book unless it was read out loud.

During my teen years, I forced my mind to focus and learn how to finish the romance novels which I’d discovered. I spent hours laying across my bed reading after that. Still, reading novels in school continued to be nothing more than drudgery.

Imagine this—I became an English teacher and reading specialist! I wanted to help others discover joy through reading, a thing that came so hard for me.

It wasn’t until I became disabled that I turned to writing. As an adult, I wanted to rediscover the joy of pretending and creating imaginary scenes like I’d so often done as a child.

Now, thirty-six books later, I can say that writing has given me a new connection with the world through the many readers I meet through Facebook. Thankfully, they enjoy my imaginary worlds as much as I do.


Glory Blurb

Ollie Severson rushed into the light then. He held up his large hands. “She came to the prayer meetin’ along with most of the wagon train. Weren’t no hanky-panky there.”

“He’s sniffin’ out my girl. Brung her the best part of the deer, he did.” Arnie growled the words. His accusations had Glory’s face flushing. From the burn, she knew her cheeks glowed red. As much as she wanted to glance at Lee, shame kept her eyes downward.

“Let ‘em marry.”

Glory didn’t recognize the voice, so she lifted her gaze toward the speaker. The older man resembled Lee. He stood slightly behind the scout, rubbing a hand over his jaw in a thoughtful manner. “Best thing for both of ‘em is to marry. Stop the temptation.”

Her gaze flitted briefly to Lee. His face seemed closed, hiding away every emotion except cold determination. “Marry her to me or vow never to harm her again.”

Severson’s voice carried regret. “He’s drunk, son. No promise a drunk makes’ll be kept when he’s sober.”

Arnie Simms shook the bottle at the trespassers who interrupted his drinking. “Can’t a man have a little peace? Go away!”

Glory knew he’d already forgotten his earlier threat. “I’m fine. I’ll climb up into the wagon and get ready to sleep.”

Lee protested. She ignored him to move past the men. Hating to do it in front of them, she hiked her skirt up to her calves and started to climb over the tailgate. Strong arms suddenly circled her waist and lifted her into the wagon.

Turning to thank the man, her face hovered close to Lee’s. “I, uh, thank you.”

“I meant it, you know. Tonight, tomorrow, or next month, I’ve got the feelin’ we’re gonna be married.”

Review: Glory: Prairie Roses Collection Book 17 is an intriguing, inspiring historical romance by Marisa Masterson. In her historical note, Marisa Masterson explains the drought conditions on the trail in Colorado in 1858. The hardships of prairie life (late in the season wagon travel, forging rivers, rattlesnakes, gold rush) and single women are seamlessly woven into the story. This historical romance has lots of adventure, several mysteries, forgiveness and love. Glory and Lee are inspiring characters. The twist and turn plot includes conflicts with a jealous vindictive former girlfriend, herbal medicine used for revenge, and a father offering understanding and forgiveness to his runaway son. This avid reader is enjoying the diversity characters and setting with the common theme of wagon train travel to the west.


Ruby’s Risk Blurb

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“Odd, that man calling you missus rather than miss.” He’d cocked a dark blonde eyebrow at her, wondering if his question would crack her calm composure.

Before answering, his bride pulled back an edge of the blanket. Peeking at the contents, she smiled.

The smile confused Elias. It wasn’t the type of expression a person wore if everything was as it should be. Really, the smile reminded him of how he grinned at his son.

Prickles ran down his spine and he reached out to claim her basket. “Let me take that. It looks heavy and awkward.” He placed a hand beside hers, brushing her fingers with his own.

A spark passed between them at the touch. Amazed, he looked at her. Her face showed astonishment as well. With no fuss, she allowed him to claim her burden.

This was new to him. He’d been attracted to Mary, true. There’d never been the flash of strong attraction he’d just felt. Good thing the wedding was arranged for that afternoon.

The woman—his woman—came to her senses and realized she no longer held the basket. “No, I can take it. Please, I’d rather you handle the carpetbags.” Her eyes and tip of her head pointed his gaze back to the mountain of crates. Her bags must be over there. She didn’t mention the crates. Perhaps that meant they weren’t hers, after all.

Offering her his arm, he turned to take her to claim the carpetbags. As he did so, the basket jostled gently against his leg. A soft squeal sounded from beneath the blanket.

Elias froze. Miss Hastings stumbled slightly at his sudden stop. Her eyes asked a question. Another cry from the basket changed that question to a look of resignation.

“I’d hoped to be away from here before I told you about her. Could we perhaps sit down in the depot’s waiting room to talk?” She met his eyes directly. Nothing in her look indicated guilt or deception.

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of a blacksmith and a mail-order bride coming together to create a family. Fast-paced, great plot, well-developed characters, and plenty of surprises and twists to keep me interested and entertained. Marisa Masterson has woven a spell-binding tale as she always does. This is a great story to cuddle up someplace comfy and read in one sitting.


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Author takeover with Stephanie Pavlantos

I am a biologist at heart—biology, anatomy, chemistry—you name it, if it has to do with life, I have studied it. I have been a histologist and cancer researcher—until God called me to teach and write. It was a struggle at first. But God made me to research, so I took those skills He gave me and applied them to His Word.

Now, I am passionate about getting people into God’s Word. I have taught Bible studies for twenty years and have spoken at ladies’ retreats. I am ordained with Messenger Fellowship in Nashville, TN and I work for Besorah Institute for Judeo-Christian Studies in the Student Services department as well as teaching online classes.

I was published in Refresh Bible study magazine, Charisma magazine, and and a contributor to, Feed Your Soul with the Word of God compilation by, and Love Knots compilation by VineWords Publishing.

My Bible study, Jewels of Hebrews, placed third in the Selah Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (2021).

I have been married for thirty years. Mike and I have three children, Matthew, Alexandria, and Michael and we love animals…we have dogs, ducks, sheep, and chickens.

Introduction Jewels of Hebrews

     During the summer of 2016, the Lord impressed upon my heart to read the book of Hebrews. Hebrews? Why Hebrews? Lord, isn’t there another book to study?” However, once I read those first few verses, I was smitten. The Lord had me at “exact imprint.” When I finished, I felt prompted to reread it. I knew the Lord wanted to teach me as I mined deeply buried treasures within this book. I hope as we dig into it together, you will discover priceless gems to apply to your life, too.

Here is some rich history to set the stage for Hebrews. First, Yeshua is the name Messianic Jews use for Jesus. In this study, we will refer to Jesus as they did with the name Yeshua.

In the years following Yeshua’s ascension into heaven, churches formed small groups that met in homes six or seven days a week. Many house churches, some made up of Gentiles while others included Messianic Jews, also assembled into larger groups at various times. In many places, these little home churches underwent persecution and infiltration by false teachers or prophets (Hebrews 13:9).

The writer of Hebrews sent a sermon of encouragement as a letter shared among the Messianic Jewish churches. Scholars do not know the exact date the author wrote the book of Hebrews, but assume it was before the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 since he wrote of the temple, sacrifices, and high priests as if they were still in place. We do not know the church’s location or the writer’s name. But, we suspect the Jews who rejected Yeshua as the Messiah persecuted this audience (10:32-34), causing them to fall into sin (3:12), to give up meeting together (10:23-25), and to return to Judaism, leaving their faith in the Messiah.

Today, we can empathize with those Messianic Jews from Hebrews who faced evil and rejection for their faith in Yeshua because media, college campuses, and businesses criticize Christians and do not tolerate biblical beliefs. It may be acceptable to say “God” but mention the name of Yeshua or Jesus, and problems ensue. Satan’s ways have not changed. He does not need new methods and tactics because his ancient ones still work. We must know how to stand against him in faith.

Hebrews, although written to the Jewish believer, is a letter that can encourage all saints. Yeshua loves you through your struggles, challenges, and trials. He and His promises have not changed. Second, it is written to caution against falling into unbelief and laziness in studying the Word so we can stand against the schemes of the evil one. Our relationship with the Son of God is of the utmost importance. Yeshua is our beloved treasure, and we are his masterpieces.  

Each chapter will represent a different gem, and its color will reflect the meaning in the verses of Scripture. As you read, look for verses that reveal the gemstones’ color. You will find the treasure hiding within each chapter and you will uncover the Jewels of Hebrews.

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Author Share with Lisa M. Prysock

New Release, Sparrow’s Hope by Lisa M. Prysock

Thank you so much for having me on your awesome blog, Dawn! I’m a Kentucky Author and have published about 35 books in both Christian Historical and Contemporary Romance genres. I love to write stories that share my faith and are told in an interesting way. I often incorporate humor in my stories, and many readers tell me they are so fun to read. I guess that’s why one of my slogans is Sharing Food, Fashion, Faith & Fun! I also love coffee, tea, hats, butterflies, and everything old-fashioned. A few of my favorite writers are Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maude Montgomery, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I have a brand-new release today called Sparrow’s Hope to share with readers. This is Book 2 from my new Montana Meadows series, but it may easily be read as a stand-alone.

This Christian Historical Western Romance series centers around a fictional Montana town I created called Honey River Canyon. If you can imagine eight mountains on the northwestern corner of the town named after many of the gems the Lord used to create the layers of Heaven’s floor, like Gold, Onyx, Emerald, etc., and Honey River winding through them, with the town spilling out before the mountains toward the eastern side, then you’ll be able to picture this charming, small, western town. The year is 1877.

Each of the books are about one of the three sisters living on a farmstead called Cherry Crossing, trying to survive after their parents perished in a blizzard. Jocelyn (Josie), Jacqueline (Jackie), and Jillian (Jill) are determined to honor their pa’s wishes to turn Cherry Crossing into a horse farm. Each of the sisters are uniquely different from each other. Josie volunteers at the mission and manages to hold the sisters together, Jackie likes to sew and look beautiful (but she can shoot as well as any man living in the Wild West), and Jill wants to become a teacher.

The series has been so fun to write. For one thing, there may be some quirky nuns and priests in my story who think they can help the sheriff out. Then there are the three sisters these stories center around, our heroines, who know how to get into lots of trouble. In Sparrow’s Hope, Jackie has a problem right from the start. She only has two ambitions in life. She is determined to have a wonderful fashionable wardrobe and marry a wealthy man, until she meets one who doesn’t think women should have the vote. The hero clashes with her right from the start, but then something happens that changes everything.

Readers can enjoy Book 1, Cherry Crossing, about Josie, published by Magnolia Blossom Publishing, and found at Amazon here–:

Readers can find Sparrow’s Hope, about Jackie, also published by Magnolia Blossom Publishing, here–:


Releasing May 17


Miss Addison Campbell will do almost anything to leave Apple Creek behind, the small Wisconsin town where she grew up. She wants to expand her horizons and see the world. She thinks she has found the perfect opportunity to travel by accepting a position requiring her to move to Oklahoma Territory as a companion, maid, and nanny for Miss Bexley Opal Dellwood. However, Addy doesn’t expect her new employer to abandon her baby and surrender him to Addison when they journey to meet Miss Dellwood’s future husband, Reed Logan, the man Milly Crenshaw has matched her to marry.

Find out what happens next in this inspirational, heartwarming Christian Historical Romance and mail-order bride story taken from another case in the files of the eccentric matchmaker who runs the Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency. Get your copy today!

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Thank you again so much for having me on your blog, Dawn! Readers can ask me any question about writing or this series. I’ll be happy to answer.


Author Takeover with Amy Ruth Allen

About Amy Ruth Allen

From my home in Minneapolis I write clean, uplifting women’s fiction that celebrates the power of friendship, romantic love, and the joys of a life well-lived, all against the backdrop of cozy, small-town living. My books always include a cast of quirky but loveable characters, humor, a touch of mystery, and of course, a HEA. My husband is an excellent beta reader and proofreader and my rescue pup, Jessica Fletcher, keeps me company while I write. I am very blessed in my life.

Finch’s Crossing Series

This heartwarming series evokes the special joys of the seasons and the charms of small-town life as the four Hamilton sisters search for love, personal fulfillment, and a renewed connection to the place they call home. As different as the seasons they are named for, the sisters face their own unique challenges, but find love along the way. Read excerpts on my website! []

Wander Creek Series

Get ready for a much different series! Wander Creek is a clean and uplifting novel about taking chances, starting over and forgiveness.

Abby Barrett is reeling from her husband’s bombshell news. Overnight, she went from rich and carefree socialite to social pariah.She needs to lay low and out of the spotlight. A small town she’s never heard of is as good a place as any. But should she take the outrageous opportunity offered by an anonymous benefactor? Why not? She can’t sink any lower. Follow Abby on her journey to re-invent herself, fall in love and run a successful business. Read excerpts [Link to:] on my website.

A Free Gift for You!

Long before best friends Autumn and Meg settle into their careers, come into their own and find their happily-ever-afters, they stumble into a murder.

Arguing about who is Sherlock and who is Watson, Autumn and Meg make a stealthy journey toward the truth, sometimes bending the law and always irritating the local sheriff. They cause trouble at the funeral home, eavesdrop outside windows, and crash a group counseling session. As they get closer to the truth, the more danger they encounter. And with no one really knowing what they’re up to, who will come rushing in to save them from themselves?

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Thank you for reading about me and my books. I hope you will become a Finch’s Crossing and Wander Creek reader. In the meantime, please follow me on Facebook and Goodreads.

And a special shout out to Dawn for letting me take over this blog for the day and share my stories. She is a true Godsend.





So much going on…but I still purchased books!!

I enjoy getting newsletters and love finding out about new to me authors, plus I’m a sucker for FREE books. How else will I know if I enjoy the author I’m receiving newsletters from… Duh read a book by them. Tada!!!

So why am I not sharing about an author today?? I got behind but hopefully will do that post that should be for today later this week. Fingers crossed…

Today I’m sharing about books I recently purchased or have had on preorder. Woohoo!! New books!!!

Really excited about starting this book soon. This was one I had on preorder.
I love this author. She has sales on her books and free books often.
I can’t remember how I got this one, maybe it’s from a newsletter. The link is to the authors amazing page showing all her books.
I think this book looks like a adventure… I’m ready! I’m ready!!! Adventure awaits!!!
This one I won from a Facebook party. I had already purchased Book 1 and Book 2 so this was my request from the author. Woohoo!!!

So there it is… Books that I’ve bought recently (and one I won). Now to finish the books I’m reading so I can start on the ones I haven’t read yet.


Author Takeover with Carolyn Miller

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She’s the saint with a secret. He’s the sinner with a heart of gold.
For Emma Moritello, giving abandoned and rejected children a safe home is her life’s purpose, but pressures at work means her dream may be coming to a close. And just when she thought life couldn’t get more challenging, along comes hockey’s bad boy, keen to make amends. God might want her to love her enemies, but it doesn’t mean she has to like them. Especially this hockey enforcer, who has the nerve to try to stir her heart.
TJ Woletsky has never tried to hide his sins—his exploits are tabloid fodder, and hockey teams love to hate him. Including his own. When a trade takes him to New York he’s confronted with the repercussions of his past, and time spent with the unfortunate helps ignite his desire to turn his life around. Until an incident in a nightclub makes everyone question whether this sinner can ever really change.
This story of second chances is the fifth book in the Original Six Christian hockey romance series, a sweet and swoony, slightly sporty, Christian contemporary romance series from bestselling author Carolyn Miller.


Author Share featuring Mary Hamilton

As a young girl, I wrote an occasional story, but mostly I enjoyed writing letters to a favorite cousin and friends. I had the rare privilege of growing up at a youth camp where my dad was director, so I met a lot of kids there and would write to them when they went home. For a while, I told people I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, but that dream fell by the wayside until I became a stay-at-home mom. Then I got serious about writing for publication and had a few non-fiction articles published. But my dream was always to write a novel. I wanted to write a story set at a camp like the one where I grew up, and my Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series for young teens fulfilled that dream. Since then, I’ve switched to writing for an adult audience.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading (of course!) and knitting and a little photography. And I spend a lot of time walking my dog. I got her because I figured a dog would motivate me to get up and move, and she takes her job a little more seriously than I expected!

My husband and I make our home in central Texas. We have three grown children and two awesome grandsons that keep us young.


HNE blurb: “I don’t want you anymore . . .”

Brady can’t believe his mother’s last words when she drops him off at summer camp.

Even surrounded by hundreds of campers, he has never felt so alone. And a camp bully doesn’t help the situation. Rustic Knoll Bible Camp is a great place to make memories, but not all of them are fun and games.

A betrayal, a disturbing phone call home, and a daring nighttime escape across a stormy lake challenge Brady to uncover the truth

Because truth is not always what it seems.

Will the courage he learned with help from his friends be enough to face the problems at home?

Review: Hear No Evil is a well-written character-driven story that brought me back to my childhood summers spent at camp. Her lifelong experience with youth shines in her understanding of kids and why they act the way they do – the good and the bad – and it comes off in a clear voice that I believed to be a teen. I found myself rooting for Brady to not only find what he was looking for at camp and at home – but also spiritually. And the ending was heart-wrenching, with a tug that came off as authentic and all too relatable for many families. If you’re looking for an engaging story with authentic characters who drive home some great lessons, this book is the perfect fit.

Pendant blurb: A field trip gone awry. A student gone missing. Every teacher’s worst nightmare.

Elaine Sutterfeld’s teaching skills are surpassed only by her passion for her middle-grade students. But she’s never gotten over the disappearance of one of her favorite students–from a field trip Elaine supervised.

Now, years later, Elaine spots Jenny’s distinctive pendant hanging from the neck of another young girl and she vows to find out the truth. But someone else is desperate to keep the truth buried, desperate enough to kill.

When the threats begin to mount, a close friend helps Elaine go into hiding. But is he keeping her from danger or the truth? Elaine must decide whether to play it safe or avenge Jenny’s fate, even if it kills her.

Review: Such a great book! I hated putting it down. Elaine’s story captured my heart. This mystery novel has so many qualities: 1) characters who seem to breathe from the page, whom you care about, which only makes the twists and turns more suspenseful; 2) a nice balance of roller-coaster tension and engaging and emotional character development and interaction; 3) a meaningful Christian element; 4) description that brings you fully into the setting; 5) a satisfying ending . . . and I could add more.

Each of the people in these pages felt real and rounded. Although Elaine didn’t do much detective work, the mystery embroiled her and its solution hinged on her. It was refreshing to read a book that didn’t focus heavily on young unmarried women for a change. This novel is categorized as a cozy mystery, but it was a bit dark and sad in places and it’s not lighthearted in the way that some cozy mysteries are. It did have its funny and lighthearted moments, however.

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Author Takeover with Amy Walsh

Shane Phillips had given up hope of ever meeting the nephew born to the woman his brother assaulted. After checks he sent to Aubrey Anders were returned, Shane decided the most he could ever do was pray for the Anders family. When Shane discovers that he and Aubrey work for the same graphic arts company, he must find a way to assure her he means no harm before both Wyoming branches meet for a conference.

Aubrey thinks she has worked through most of her trauma with the help of her psychologist and loving community. However, meeting Shane Phillips seems to have unleashed suppressed anxiety and insecurity. But as their paths continue to intersect, Aubrey begins to wonder if Shane could be part of God’s plan for her despite their painful connection.


Author Share featuring Anna Huckabee

So excited to share a couple books by this wonderful author. Let’s find out about a couple of her books.


A community in crisis—what can five people do to make a difference?

Parker Wilson has nothing to worry about beyond his marketing job and donating bone marrow to his nephew, who is fighting leukemia. Then he meets Marcus, a little boy dying of a brain tumor who spends most days alone in a hospital room. Because of this child’s life and then death, Parker is forced to step outside his suburban comfort zone and confront the struggles, not only of one family, but of an entire community.Then Parker and four other people are each given $10,000 with the stipulation it is invested in their community and, in a year, report what they did with it. The needs in the community far outpace this gift, and Parker is stretched to the limit of his ability to make the money go as far as possible.

Beatrice feels insignificant and useless since her husband died, until she’s invited to invest in a new restaurant—and the lives of the young people who work there. Collin loves his cushy lawyer job but decides to invest his money in the Lincoln Square Community Center, even when it means getting his hands dirty to make the money go as far as it can. Ed feels as though life has handed him some rotten deals. When his $10,000 practically lands in his lap, he thinks his luck has turned—until he loses it all and must decide whether he’s willing to put forth the effort to change.

How will each of these people use the talents God has given them to be an influence for good in their struggling community?

Review from Rachel Miller:

I just finished reading Talents for the third time! I love the characters and “out of the comfort zone” choices they make throughout the story. What a good reminder that God HAS given each of us different talents to invest in our communities and in the lives of the people around us. Maybe we don’t have a chunk of money to “throw at” the needs around us, but we have skills, personality traits, strengths, and resources that are unique to us—unique ways to make a difference. This book challenged me to keep using the skills God has given me and to always be aware of new ways that I can invest in others.


Nothing exciting ever happens in Palmer. Except that one time the biker gang came to town, and they turned out to be a bunch of middle aged doctors and lawyers reliving their glory days. But Aunt Lorinda insists the man they saw beside the interstate is an escaped convict. It doesn’t help that someone really did escape from the penitentiary up the road.

When a handsome stranger walks into town hours later, Sheriff Callen Steiner has a choice: believe the old woman who owns the diner, or believe the well-dressed stranger whose luxury car was stolen.

Hayley Beasley can’t stand the way the newcomer, Brice, mocks their small town, so she challenges him to give Palmer a chance and let her show him around. Both Aunt Lorinda and Callen have a problem with all the time Hayley is spending with Brice — Aunt Lorinda because she’s sure he’s the escaped convict, and Callen because he’d rather be the one getting all Hayley’s attention.

Who will Hayley choose: Brice, the rich, handsome newcomer, or Callen, the man she’s known her whole life? Will Callen catch the convict and prove to Aunt Lorinda once and for all that Brice isn’t the escaped inmate?

Or is he…?

Review from JMN:

Anna Huckabee is one of my favorite authors. This book was absolutely fascinating and delightful beginning to end. I’ve read it twice. How often does that happen?

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Talents is my first published novel (my first series, also) and Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates is my most recent. I have another series in between them. The Love in Time series. It’s historical fiction and both the others are contemporary.

What’s on the share?? Don’t give up and Happy Easter

Everyone has hard times, this can cause despair. In the morning, noon, or night troubled times may be in sight. But please don’t worry, no stress is needed. Fall to your knees and start praying. This may not be a quick fix but with each prayer you’ll get stronger. Please try to remember the sun shines in the morning.

This week hasn’t been the best, a great man in the family earned his wings, it was by surprise and sudden. I have had sad times, mad times, been stuck in despair, and have not been my active peppy self. A lot of things has caused stress and I’ve been worried and grumpy. In this time I’ve been shown I do not know what the Lord has planned but I do know I can be ready for him. We never know what tomorrow holds.

If you have something that’s been laying on your heart talk it over with the Lord. Pray about it and don’t give up. A few times this week I was weighed down by different things, I’m so glad and thankful for the power of prayer.

Now on to books… Sunday is normally an Author takeover but since it is Easter Sunday I didn’t schedule anyone and that’s okay. However, I can share what I’ve been reading (sad to say I’m not done with either but my time has been issued elsewhere). Click on the covers to find out more about the book.

(I received an arc copy, this book is on preorder)

I also want to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter…

He Is Risen!!!