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Marisa Masterson

A Bride for Dun: The Sheriff’s Mail Order Bride Book 9

Book 9 of 9: The Sheriff’s Mail Order Bride

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Length: 104 pages

Releasing on October 1, 2021

Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Religious Literature & Fiction


If you read A Bride for Boss, you’ll want to find out the rest of Dun’s story–

Dun, a former Pinkerton agent settles into a sleepy Wyoming town. Danger should be far behind him now. The worst he faces is drunken cowhands on Saturday night.

He finally has what he considers a hometown. All that is missing is a bride. Easy to fix! He simply writes away for one.

There’s no way he could know the wild adventure she brings with her. And will he believe what he learns about his own birth?

This is a standalone novel. Characters from A Bride for Boss do appear in it, but one can easily read this book without first reading that one.

My Thoughts

I am naturally a helper, I want to help, it’s in my nature. But, I can’t always help because I just don’t have enough time in the day. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to, I know you all know what I’m talking about. But I do know some people from my past have always received and not given help and then they tend to say they never get help. This is when I call their names in prayer because that is the best gift of all.

I also live in a world where secrets don’t make friends. I tend to tease my friends when I catch them whispering by saying, secrets don’t make friends. Secrets are what made me think of this book A Bride for Dun.

Former Pinkerton turned Sheriff, Dun doesn’t know a lot about his past, learning about his present, and confused about his future. Now he’s adding a wife? Sure why not. A wife that is not who she seems to be. Who is Moira? She did answer his ad, or DID SHE? Is she his soon-to-be bride? Will they marry and could their wedding end up happily ever after?

I enjoyed this story and quickly grew fond of all the characters including the mischievous ones. I thought Dun was going to be a gruff, grumpy, and scary guy, he turned out to be a man with a heart of gold and loving touch. I was pulled into the story with its secrets and mystery. I was also surprised in learning about Moira, all she’s been through, and all that she can do.

Surprises were everywhere, including danger and sweetness. I enjoyed learning about both the main characters and wanted to keep reading so I could keep discovering. The story created questions to which I wanted to know the answers. Plus a touch of mystery with heroes and villains. I suppose that is how stories go when one character isn’t as forthcoming with needful information. But in life who reveals all their back story when they first meet. That never happens. Lol.

So did Dun get everything he was looking forward too or are his days busier than ever trying to figure his future out? You’ll have to find out for yourself. I’ll never tell. Secrets are safe with me, even though secrets don’t make friends.

One thing I know for sure and can share is… Life is Good. Blessed. Loved.

**I received a free ARC copy of this book, all thoughts are my own.**

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What is a way in which you have been helped before?

What’s On The Share Today?

Well, today is going to be a little different, why you may ask? I know you wanna know. Well, I’ll tell you. This weekend we are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary, so we’re having a us weekend. Yay! Happy Anniversary to us! We’ve been together since 1998 and married since 2003.

So since we are having a fabulous us weekend I didn’t know what to do about today so I prayed about it and this was my answer.

Today is what I’ve been reading Sunday and what I’m reading next share. Woohoo!

Let me tell you about the book I just got done reading. It hasn’t been released yet and I was blessed with an ARC (advance readers copy, I’m including this because there was a time I didn’t know what ARC was lol) of this fabulous book by the very talented KC Hart. Let me share some about this book. (Click on book cover for link)


Someone in Skeeterville has a serious beef with Hernando and it’s up to Katy to figure out who…

Sixty-thousand-dollar stud bull Hernando is shot in his pasture and falls on one of his owners, crushing him to death. Katy Cross, along with everyone else in Skeeterville, assumes the shooting (and deadly cow-tipping) are nothing more sinister than a tragic accident and a case of terrible luck.

Everyone else in Skeeterville, that is, except local Post Mistress Barbara Jean Nelson, who makes it her business to let everyone know she suspects foul play. Barbara Jean’s reputation as a hateful gossip proceeds her, however, and no one takes her accusations seriously… until she is attacked at the post office, barely escaping with her life.

With one of Hernando’s owners in the grave, and the only person who suspected foul play in the hospital, Katy decides it’s time to take the bull by the horns. Can she find the true murderer and uncover their connection to the dead cash cow?

Join Katy Cross and her friends and family in Skeeterville as they work together to solve this latest mystery. This Christian cozy mystery contains no gore, sex, or foul language, but is full of humor and southern small town charm.

Here’s my review and yes don’t be surprised if you don’t see an even longer share about this book in the future with all the details but no spoilers because that’s how I roll.

Join Katy Cross as she tries to figure out what just happened in Skeeterville and help her solve the mystery of the dead Hernando. (A SIXTY THOUSAND-DOLLAR STUD BULL!!!)

This story is full of mystery, death, suspense, gossip, growth, fear, and faith. More than once while reading I was in panic mode. Watching, looking, wondering what’s gonna happen next. The characters are all great caring Skeeterville folks but not everyone is who they seem to be. This is another 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Christian Cozy Mystery by the brilliantly gifted author KC Hart. Don’t forget to watch out behind you…because someone’s always up to no good in Skeeterville.

I’m still reading but almost done.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing. I do tend to take longer to read because I catch mistakes also. It’s kinda what I do, just today I found a typo on the printed-out menu. I don’t mean to it just happens.

~A Bride For Dun by Marisa Masterson (ARC copy) Releasing October 1, 2021 I’m enjoying the book so far, you’ll be hearing about this one in the future.

~No Longer A Captive by Carol James (ARC copy) Releasing October 7, 2021 Love the characters, surroundings, backstory, and watching the characters concur their battles while growing in their faith.

What I’m Reading Next (may not be in this order)

~The Gift (To Protect and Serve Book 1) by Anne Perreault

~This Hallowed Ground by Donna E. Lane

~Honeysuckle Spring by Shonda Czeschin Fischer

~For The Love of Penni by Tina Dee

Super excited about all these awesome books.


What book(s) have you read recently and what are you reading in the future?

What’s on the Share Today?

Oh, today isn’t going to be normal and that’s a good thing. Doing something a little different is fun. I love short stories and novellas. Sometimes that’s all the time I have. I wanted to share about some I’ve enjoyed most recently. The fun thing is that after reading these short stories I wanted to keep reading from these authors. A short story is a great way to be introduced to an amazing author. (click on the picture for the link – I’m learning and love it)

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